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Spanish nationalist censorship in the Valencian Country

As a sad exceptionalism in Western Europe, the Spanish nationalist party PP, presently governing Valencian Generalitat, has closed down the radio and TV station of several Catalan language channels in Alacant region. And they also pretend to continue their plan in the whole Valencian territory...

Anticatalanism reflected in Google search suggestions

Since Firefox 2, this browser implements search suggestions within Google searchplugin. This way, as you type in the search bar, you can get search suggestions from Google. I would dare say these are the most repeated combinations according to the search engine. They might also be tuned by country and language, but I'm not sure about this latter point; so any further insight would be appreciated.

Are you American? Support Catalan National teams!

Are you an American living or staying in the Catalan Countries? Would you join a popular soccer match for supporting Catalonian soccer national teams?
If you are interested in, do not hesitate to contact and follow the originating blog: The Match of the People (in Catalan).


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