Spanish nationalist censorship in the Valencian Country

As a sad exceptionalism in Western Europe, the Spanish nationalist party PP, presently governing Valencian Generalitat, has closed down the radio and TV station of several Catalan language channels in Alacant region. And they also pretend to continue their plan in the whole Valencian territory...
Broadcasting of TVC channels in the Valencian Country has been reality for 20 years, when ACPV, the most important cultural institution of the Valencian Country, financed by personal donations a network of stations so that Valencians could watch Catalonia's TV channels, which were the only ones which had an entire programming in Catalan language by that moment.
This closure has been possible thanks to the complicity of the pro-Spanish party PSOE, which is currently in charge of the Spanish government and in a three-party coalition in Catalonia's Generalitat. Indeed, they also tried to make the broadcasts disappear when they retained the control of Valencian government; and they are nowadays also actively pushing to minimize Catalan usage and politically manipulate the program contents and guidelines from within Catalonian government.
An Alacant blogger, Pau Climent, fully explains some other details of the story. A Valencian friend, Jordi Mallach, also comments the deep contradictions of PP conservative party regarding all this censorship episode.

As a matter of a fact, present-day kingdom of Spain is the only alive linear descendant of European inter-war fascist regimes, and Spanish Popular Party is actually one of its clearest representatives. Compared to most other European conservative parties, many members of its militancy are indeed extreme right followers or catholic fundamentalists. As example, PP and some minoritary far-right groups were the only ones to oppose a condemnation of the Francoist regime in the European Parliament. Also related to that fascist heritage and TV media, an important PP politician in Castelló, José Luis Tirado, has been illegally broadcasting Nazi propaganda. But in this latter case, his station still seems to be on.


Valencians protecting the Alacant «Carrasqueta» station, which was finally closed without previous notice another day by night.

A girl showing her protest during a Canal 9 program broadcast, which despite being the Valencian regional channel under PP power, would have some actual illegal stations, which is what Spanish nationalists claim against TVC stations.