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Drupal 6 custom content-type page templates

When developing a Drupal website, you may be interested in having content specific templates, so different kind of pages do not look the same. By default, we can use list of default core templates, but we can adapt it better to meet our needs by modifying template.php file in theme folder (we are assuming we are using PHPTemplate Theme engine). In my case, using an Acquia theme, I noticed it ignored page-content_type.tpl.php templates.

Debt drama in people's lives

Yesterday I had the chance to discover and interesting video about the dramatic implications of debt in people's lives.

The documentary is a recent production explaining the economical calamities of different highly indebted people living in Catalonia. This disturbing panorama helps you understand present crisis in Spain, mostly provoked by the frenzy of house owning, and tolerated by administrations as an easy way to earn money with a resulting short-time social progress, but with lasting repercussions (potentially as perdurable as a 40-years mortgage).

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Presumptive alien / malformed foetus in UAB, Catalonia

This morning a lab partner showed me a photo from a friend of him working in Anthropology department in UAB university, Catalonia. The taken picture was about a specimen which was checked for a while by people from that very department in Bellaterra Medicine faculty. A group of people offered that thing to them so they could visually and manually inspect it. However, they were not allowed to analyse it by methods such as DNA extraction.

Fortune and research

I normally enable fortune application in my .basrhc file, so when I log in my remote terminals I can get a welcoming quotation. Even during the busiest times, it can help you smile for a while. That's an example:

Research, n.:
Consider Columbus:
He didn't know where he was going.
When he got there he didn't know where he was.
When he got back he didn't know where he had been.
And he did it all on someone else's money.

FC Barcelona, Catalan language and Air Berlin

I usually check worldwide news related to Catalan language, and a few days ago I noticed many digital media informed about FC Barcelona refusal to use Air Berlin during its tour in the USA. Some poorly informed media reported that was because it does not use Catalan language in its communications. Sadly, Air Berlin would not be the only company which ignores Catalan speakers in their own territory; but this is not actually the primary reason of all this buzz but a leading article in company's magazine against Catalan culture signed by the German airline company's CEO.

Freedom for Franki! Catalan activist imprisoned by Spanish flag desecration

Francesc Argemí, popularly known after his nickname Franki, is an activist from Terrassa -a Catalonian city close to Barcelona- who has been recently imprisoned with a penalty of more than two years accused of desecrating the Spanish flag.


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