Powered by Mozilla

John Slater, Mozilla Creative Director, has presented a new brand logo named: Powered by Mozilla.

Powered by Mozilla

The reasons he states are:

  1. help differentiate Mozilla from Firefox (among the broader audience, there’s still some confusion around this)
  2. further establish us as an organization working on the cutting edge of a lot of cool new technology (again, beyond just being “the Firefox guys”)

Therefore, this logo could be hosted in different Mozilla-based projects such as Firefox, Thunderbird, Sunbird, Seamonkey, and even in those created by third-party vendors such as Flock or Songbird, in order to make notice the underlying technology and effort that makes them possible in the end.

That's a nice move, and I personally agree with both motivations. According to my personal experience, giving Firefox badges to attending people in concerts, when I asked them to identify the pictured furry fox, their answer was often Mozilla... more than I might have expected at first. I presume that is because suite's former name has been around for a longer time, and many non web-aware people have simply transferred it to Mozilla's current star browser application, despite the very suite has presently a new name, SeaMonkey.

However, I would dare say there might be some other recent changes that might make confusion persists. As example, Mozilla Corporation --subsidiary of the Mozilla Foundation-- owned both Firefox and Thunderbird application, but now after the imminent startup of a mail subsidiary centred company, Mozilla Corporation only product will be Firefox. By branding that new company MozillaMail, or in any other similar way, MoCo could diminish a stronger mutual identification of both Firefox and Mozilla as different names of the same product. In order to handle this accordingly, great care should be required in press releases and when contacting the media; but at the same time, not resigning to promote the more the best already successful and alluring products such as Firefox.

My two cents.

Offering some Mozilla badges to Xavi Sarrià, leader of the Valencian band Obrint Pas, presently one of the most popular and international music groups in Catalan language.


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