World must hear about this

Today 31th August, in coincidence with Blog Day 2007, Catalan blogsphere (popularly known as catosfera) is spreading the following message (seen here):

Spanish authorities have prosecuted a child for terrorism! Incredible but true!

14-year-old Èric Bertran e-mailed companies requesting labeling in Catalan language, using the "Phoenix" monicker from the Harry Potter books. The Spanish police accused him of organizing an Al Qaeda cell. The authorities took him all the way to the Spanish High Court.

From August 27 to September 2, we're getting the word out, through blogs, press releases, and other media. Here's the idea: We want this film about the Èric Bertran case to be seen as many times as possible from September 3rd to 9th, so that it ends up ranking in the "most watched" circuit.

Through this coordinated effort, with the help of new communications and information technologies, we hope to get some international coverage of this case, and the true deficit of democracy in the Spanish State, as well as the fact that the Catalan people are now demanding their right to define themselves as a sovereign nation.

A documentary about these events was filmed, later subtitled in English and uploaded to Youtube. Below you have the five videos that make up the whole movie.
Catalan bloggers are encouraged to spread them and view them several times during the next week so that they can become the most viewed content in Youtube. In the end, the aim is showing the world what the Spanish regime is, and why many Catalan people are striving for an own state for the Catalan Countries.

  1. Èric & the Phoenix Army (1/5)
  2. Èric & the Phoenix Army (2/5)
  3. Èric & the Phoenix Army (3/5)
  4. Èric & the Phoenix Army (4/5)
  5. Èric & the Phoenix Army (5/5)

Despite the Spanish image campaigns, after Franco decease and the creation of the president-day regime, there have been many other cases of repression acts, especially against non-Spanish national movements within the borders of the Spanish Kingdom. The most recent and broadcast example was the confiscation of a sarcastic magazine which made fun of Spanish royal family about a month ago.
However, there are not only punctual aggressions but a continual coercive harassment against people who defy that established system. For instance, that is the case of a Majorcan interpreter of Magribin origin, who was sacked from a Guardia Civil (a Spanish military police) commissary because she spoke in Catalan to an officer. In the reporting, she wrote down that the responsible policeman insulted her with the following sentences:

What the hell!, a Catalanist moor, I had never seen such a thing in my life (...) I do not want to see you, so do not come here any more (if you want Catalan, stay with Catalan but you are not going to enter here anymore). You wanted it but, you know here, in this house, there is nothing we hate so much as that damn language, and positions as yours.

This post has not been the only protest report during this year's blogday, many bloggers have also asked for boycotting MSN and Yahoo services because of allowing the Chinese government to use them for finding blogger oppositors to the Chinese regime.

We Catalans can still write our blogs, but we are not going to wait until Spanish regime might fully mimic the severity of its Asian counterpart methods again, as during Francoism.