End of OOoCon2007 and DrupalCon2007 conferences

DrupalCon2007This last week has surely been one of the hottest moments in Catalonia regarding to Free Software development. Both annual OpenOffice.org and Drupal worldwide conferences were held in Barcelona and Cornella de Llobregat respectively. During that exciting time, I gave a hand in the organisation of the former one. The only point I deeply lament is not having been able to attend many of the interesting talks which took place during these days in UB and Citilab, since I was involved in trying to help all this to be a success, as a I think it finally was according to the comments of the attendees I've read on the net.
Barcelona OOoCon2007 conferences were possible thanks to the great leading effort of Jesús Corrius with the collaboration and volunteering of many other local people such as Jordi Mas, Anna Grau, Jordi Irazuzta, Miquel Piulats, Joaquim Perez, Josep Puigdemont, Julià Mestieri, Jordi Vilanova, Sílvia Miranda, Pere Massats-Tarrats, Miquel Chicano or Iñaki (aka Dooteo).
Kiperpipa, from Slovenia, made a terrific job making recording of talks possible. In a few days, these will be available for everyone, such as people like me who were not able to attend most talks despite being in the very building where they took place. Apart, Kiberpipa group also provided some other web services, such as a media coverage page.
The event was organised by Universitat de Barcelona and Softcatalà, but this had not been possible either without the help of all the contributing sponsors.

Another positive aspect as a result of these days is that several issues around OpenOffice.org Catalan localisation were set up and we might envisage a better support for this language in the forecoming months. If you are interested in helping the Catalan project, take a look at this blog post and join OOo Catalan localisation mailing list.

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