FOSS localisation in minorised languages (Romania)

That's the name of the presentation I gave during tour in different educational centres.

During the talk I wanted to draw the difference between minority and minorised languages, and why projects such as Mozilla are an opportunity for a local culture to bloom in Internet.

I compared Catalan and Romanian situations and I talked about Softcatalà: an association born 10 years ago, like Mozilla, in order to promote Catalan language in computers and Internet. Its existence made possible the popularisation and elaboration of an own Catalan computer terminology and style guide. This step is still somewhat missing for Romanian and I suppose in other languages which may have a larger number of speakers than Catalan as well.
For Romanian localisation, we should thank the hard work of Alexandru Sasz, who has made Mozilla and several other software translations a reality. At the same time he is also the creator of Narro, a web-based tool which host not only Romanian localisations but several other ones.

I hope that with these sessions we can help community to grow and that Romanian language in Internet can have the situation it deserves in the following years.

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