Freedom for Franki! Catalan activist imprisoned by Spanish flag desecration

Francesc Argemí, popularly known after his nickname Franki, is an activist from Terrassa -a Catalonian city close to Barcelona- who has been recently imprisoned with a penalty of more than two years accused of desecrating the Spanish flag.
The criminal process against this citizen was full of irregularities from the very beginning. The initial accusatory party, his very town council government, is said to have intentionally used a flag removal incident for specifically punishing an uncomfortable social leader. Some time later, they actually repented from the accusation, maybe conscious of the totalitarianism of their decision, but the Spanish Law machinery was already working pointing at the present outcome.
In response to this disproportionate and unjust decision, public outcries against the deviant Spanish system are increasing. As a sample, around 2,500 people demonstrated in Barcelona streets under a heavy rain demanding Franki's freedom. However, Catalan parties of direct Spanish obedience are still silent...
As I explained to different curious tourists in the streets, if you visit anywhere within the Kingdom of Spain, don't be fooled by official propaganda. The Spanish regime is far from a sane democracy, and both Left and Right Spanish nationalist parties, are continuistic to many aspects of Francoist legacy, if not sometimes even direct heirs, as the very monarch.

Llibertat Franki Llibertat Franki


Jo m'ho guardo pel dia 15 de maig:
Està bé fer la traducció a l'anglès del que es publiqui sobre el cas del Franki, així permem que arribi a més gent.