Lo cacao de la FACAO: Fascism in La Franja

Today it has been a special day, since thanks to blaverists in La Franja, we have known the entrails of the State. Some time ago, we publically reported that FACAO was a germ for violent far right in La Franja. We didn't do that because they think in a different way from us about Catalan language. We reported it because they promoted violence, demonstrate jointly with far-right parties, are associated to other violent groups, and members were involved in parties that deny the minimal democratical principles. The following is not a joke... as a consequence of the reporting, we indeed suffered ourselves a trial process, a retention in prison, and cell phones and personal data confiscation for an indeterminate time. Now we have the best chance for defending our public report and spread it everywhere, wherever they want us to shut up.

This is the leading text of Lo Cacao de la Facao, a protest blog published after one of the real characters of this sad story was held in a prison cell for several hours by a Spanish police corps (Guardia Civil).

Since late Francoism, far-right Spanish groups in different Catalan-speaking regions apart from Catalonia have been defending that local language varieties are not actually the same language known elsewhere as Catalan. The main motivation for this has been hindering Catalan language normalization after centuries of imposed prohibition by Spanish authorities. At the same time, this has been intended for difficulting mutual knowledge among people of the different Catalan Countries, mainly because of the fear of the resulting spreading of points of view which might entail a threat to a still contemporary reactionary ruling class.

This phenomenon has been moderately prevalent in Valencia city area, where it is known as blaverism, and despite more minoritarily, also scattered to other locations such as Mallorca and, also in this case, La Franja (the Catalan-speaking area in present-day Aragon). As it's explained in this post, this kind of movements have normally been intimately associated to far-right groups such as Democracia Nacional, the Spanish equivalent of the French Front National.

If you feel entrenched, do not hesitate to sign for supporting those who stand against fascism in La Franja.