IGC 2005 and multilingualism

Yesterday I was in IGC 2005, in the block session about Website internationalisation techniques and multilingual software in order to talk about Mozilla project in Catalan. You may want to download the presentation available in OpenOffice Impress format.
It was a wonderful time. First, Tirs Abril Sanz introduced in a very understandable and graphical way the assisted and automatized translation techniques that are used in MSS company. After my contribution, Paco Riviére from Palmcat talk about the task of this group in hand-held computers; for instance, adapting into a suitable format the classic Catalan work Tirant lo Blanc, previously digitalized thanks to the work of several high schools in Camp de Tarragona region. Finally, Susanna Saval and Marta Torres from Secretaria de Política Lingüística and Secretaria de Telecomunicacions i Societat de la Informació of Generalitat de Catalunya presented a recommendable website with indications for Multilingualism in company webs, which is currently available in Catalan, Spanish, English and Aranese (Occitan). These advices could correspond to many of the claims and suggestions expressed from organizations such as WICCAC.
It's some time since I try that this website may be the more multilingual the better within my own possibilities thanks to Drupal modules and other web technologies. In my opinion, an execellent multilingual web is Mozilla Europe, which shows the site by default according to preferred language order set in browser preferences; furthermore, language may be changed within the same page. Lamentably, many sites do not use this functionality (this very website not yet :-( ) and many users do not know it. This prevents that this feature may be generalized despite it has existed for several years.

Tria idiomes al Firefox