STOP Censorship, We are all "El Jueves"

El Jueves
Juan del Olmo, a judge from the Spanish National Court, after higher instances request, has ordered the confiscation of all the weekly copies of El Jueves, a popular comic magazine, from the newsstands and other selling points. This current issue shows Principe Felipe having intercourse with his spouse.

The cover actually refers to a recent Spanish government proposal of paying families 2,500 EUR per each newborn child. In the main cartoon, you may read how the prince tells Letizia Ortiz: "You see, if you get pregnant... that's going to be the most similar thing to working I've ever done in my life!".

Spanish attorney general might also pretend to delete all pictures and references from webpages and other media. The authors could be accused of calumnies to Spanish monarchy and they might face to be imprisoned for 2 years.

Welcome to Spanish Democracy. Who is going to be the next one?


El Jueves is only the tip of the iceberg. Spanish authorities were quick to censor the electronic version of Patricia Sverlo's "Un rei cop a cop"(A king coup by coup) hosted at geocities, an unauthorised biography of the King of Spain written in Catalan when it was brought up in a Catalan speaking internet forum. According to the book, the King murdered(accidentally killed according to the unpublicised official version) his own brother in order to keep him away from power among many other dark plots he undertook before and after becoming the King of Spain. This is the same king who was appointed by Hilter's mate Franco and vowed for the principles of Fascism. Spanish democracy is a lie. Please let the world know.