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As Barcelona Laptop Orchestra, another nice initiative present in Angels Hacking space during Drumbeat Festival was Move Commons.

Following the graphical model of Creative Commons logos, it pretends to categorise the principles behind organisations in order to provide a simplified description of them, make them visible to other organisations of similar approaches and also attract contributors who could be interested in their activities. With Move Commons, they can currently state whether they are:

  • for profit or non-profit
  • transparent or closed
  • contributors to the Commons
  • horizontal or hierarchical structured
  • etc. (more details here).

As with Creative Commons, after filling the appropriate fields asking for the characteristics of the organisation, they can paste in their pages a FOAF-like code, which could potentially be used for performing searches over the Net in the future.

The only drawback I can imagine is that organisations, or individuals in their organisations, might not be always sincere (or even aware) about their actual values. So, I think the challenge is that the details of organisations we could find in the Internet thanks to this system can be faithful enough about them, that is, not susceptible to purposeful or unintentional misleads —a fact that can entail frustration for arriving contributors—.

This is far more difficult than choosing one of the different CC licenses for a work, and IMHO, several actors should take part somehow in the dynamic outcome.

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