Sign for Batiste Malonda. Against the political persecution of a model school

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On July 11 2008, David Barelles, General Personnel Director of the Education Department of Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian Autonomous Government), informed teacher Batiste Malonda, Headmaster of ‘El Castell d’Almoines’ State School, that disciplinary proceedings were brought against him for not fully establishing minimum service during the strike held on March 28 2007.

If it is indeed absurd that right now, after 15 months, two academic years and their annual reports already passed, etc, disciplinary proceedings are brought against Batiste Malonda, we still think that there is even a more worrying fact: that the Education Department is executing a reactionary escalation against ‘El Castell d’Almoines’ project and the person who represents it.

The undersigned

  • Along with the institutions and people who have awarded and acknowledged the project by the educational community of ‘El Castell’ and its Headmaster Batiste Malonda, (*), we acknowledge and defend that project as one of the best examples of both Pedagogical Renovation and construction of Valencian State Schools
  • We denounce the persecution and harassment that the Education Department is exerting on Batiste Malonda, who is being forced to relinquish any aspiration to continue leading the project which the educational community of Almoines wishes him to run
  • We demand the withdrawal of the disciplinary proceedings against Batiste Malonda, as well as the negative report on his administration
  • We demand the continuity of the school’s management team.
  • We demand the repeal of both the Resolution of October 16 2007 and the Instruction of October 17 2007, and the drawing up of new regulations which enable the election of the Headmaster that the school’s Educational Community wishes. Almoines’s case is an example and an evident warning to those who trusted in the possibilities of the current system
  • We ask both union and citizen organisations to investigate and denounce the possible offence of harassment, persecution and prevarication which may have been committed by several civil servants and those who hold political positions of the Education Department.



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(*) Almoines’s State School was one of the first educational institutions in applying education in Valencian and its trajectory has been acknowledged, among others, with awards such as ‘Baldiri Rexach’, the ‘Melchor Botella’ award for Pedagogical Renovation and La Creu de Sant Jordi (St George’s Cross), the most relevant award granted by Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Autonomous Government)