Army go away!

I have just read several articles in Racó català (I and II) about Spanish army participation in Aerosport exhibition in Igualada. The army and their representatives are not welcomed in this country, specially when they are making apology of militarism with our children (with the complicity of our authorities) Also, it's difficulty to express any kind of sympathy when there is the uncertainty that any day we could suffer the violence originated from the intolerance and dementia of certain elements.
In my recent visit in Madrid, walking through the nice surroundings of Moncloa, I saw that the Air Army building still retains references to previous dictatorship. Frightening!

It's only a few months since there was still a statue of Franco dictator in the Spanish capital, despite it was attacked several times before. How many non-visible symbols and assumptions from francoism remain in people from Madrid and even our very country? Maybe more than we could have ever imagined, and surely, strategically located...

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