New threatening warning from a member of the Spanish Army

I have read quite frightened that an important member of the Spanish Army has been arrested for ONLY 8 days after having proclaimed himself favourably to violent action in order to guarantee the territorial unity of Spanish state.
In a previous post, I talked about the latent threat of this Army over Catalans, and even the very Spaniards, and these news reaffirms me in that opinion.
As the different Catalan Countries under Spanish dominion approach their independence, we cannot disregard this possibility. Despite Spanish citizens might rally against this kind of interventions, they might be ignored and even repressed, as in Iraq's war Spanish commitment.
From here, I want to spread this reality for helping International community to press against for the purpose of this barbarian attitude, contained in the very Spanish constitution, may definitely cease to be a possibility.

Arresten un coronel que havia enviat per internet una proclama sediciosa contra 'la desmembració d'Espanya'
Arrestado ocho días un coronel por difundir una proclama golpista por la Intranet de Defensa

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