Firefox is the best browser for Bioinformatics

Firefox is not only the best porn browser, but also, an excellent tool for bioinformaticians.
Thanks to searchplugins, we can easily query the biobliographic database PubMed, annotated proteins in SwissProt or NEWT taxonomy.
But that's not all, we also have a pair of very useful extensions.
In the Bioinformatics reference weblog, Nodalpoint, a new version of Biobar is announced. Biobar extension adds a toolbar for searching a large number of popular biological databases using several available terms and options. Users can also customize it and add their own URLs.
In addition, there is also Biofox. This extension allows sending a selected text to some of the more important Bioinformatics services in the web by using the context menu. You can make an homology search with BLAST, translate a nucleotide sequence, and calculate some properties such theoretical pI, etc.
No doubt, these are splendid tools for saving any bioinformatician a lot of time.