Barcelona Laptop Orchestra session during Drumbeat Festival 2010

Last week I enjoyed the chance to discover a laptop orchestra for my first time during Drumbeat Festival 2010, which took place in the centric Plaça dels Àngels of Barcelona.

The orchestra, named Barcelona Laptop Orchestra and mostly composed of members from ESMUC (Catalonia Higher School of Music), was arranged thanks to several laptops network-linked to each other and all of them set to output to a pair of loudspeakers at the same time.

Sounds actually flowed along the network and were differentially modulated in each computer thanks to a complex in-house sampler software designed so a live network-based symphony could become a reality.

You can see some images and videos below:

The software behind the orchestra laptops

Control panel software of BCN Laptop Orchestra

Latops are network linked


Some live laptop music

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